Raising Champions Basketball Organization was created to give student athletes the chance to showcase their talents while creating opportunities to pursue higher education. We plan, promote and implement comprehensive activities to encourage parent(s) or guardian(s) to get involved in our program to further aid in the development in our youth. We assist our members in their academic, physical and social development. Our mission is to convey the importance of receiving a quality education whilst using basketball as a tool to obtain that education. We educate our members and their families about the process of becoming a scholarship athlete. They are taught the NCAA rules and regulations to qualify for a scholarship and each member is tracked with an individual academic plan to ensure that they meet NCAA core-course requirements. We also provide access to leading Independent Boarding (Prep) Schools and other resources, we hope to open doors for our members to get into better high schools and colleges. We steadfastly believe that a quality education is critical to the success of a young person’s life.

We are committed to developing a program that uses basketball to encourage and motivate students from all areas of New York City to strive for success beyond the sport of basketball. We seek to use academic achievement and basketball to create educational opportunities for our members that would otherwise be unattainable. Our program has a set of core values which we will instill in our players:

  • Achievement
  • Commitment
  • Education
  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Pride
  • Sportsmanship
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Winning

With these values our members will become tomorrow’s leaders on and off the basketball   court!