General Principles

1. Players must exhibit a high level of commitment to Raising Champions Elite Basketball. Attendance at practices and tournaments is an absolute necessity unless excused by coaching staff.
2. It is our promise that the coach will make every effort to improve the skills of each player on the team. It is further promised that the coach will at all times act as a teacher who is responsible for the safety and well-being of each player on his team. The coach will be a role model both on and off the court.
3. The coach will make every effort to provide as much playing time as possible to every member of the team while realizing that the development of players is more important than winning games.
4. The players will at all times behave in a proper and sportsmanlike manner. Players can be dismissed from the team without warning if they present a serious discipline problem. Raising Champions Elite enjoys an excellent reputation and no player or parent will be permitted to jeopardize or detract from that positive reputation.
5. Parents must always act in a responsible, respectable and sportsmanlike manner. A Raising Champions Elite parent is never permitted to speak in a negative way to an opposing team, our own team, coaches or officials. If at any time, a Raising Champions Elite parent acts in an improper or disrespectful way, the parent and child may be asked to leave the organization.
6. The administration of Raising Champions Elite Basketball promises to provide a safe, sportsmanlike and fair setting where every player is provided with the opportunity to be successful.
7. Raising Champions Elite Basketball is a proud member of the AAU and abides by its rules and regulations.
STANDARDS (Adopted in part from the Natioanl Alliance of Youth Sports Guidelines)
Standard #1: “Parents must consider and carefully choose the proper environment for their child, including the appropriate age and development for participation, the type of sport, the rules of the sport, the age range of participants and the proper level of physical and emotional stress.
 Raising Champione Elite Implementation of Standard # 1:
1. There is a minimum play rule per game for all athletes regardless of ability. All team members must play at least seven minutes per game as long as the player was on time for the game and attended all practice sessions since the last tournament.
2. Players are encouraged to play at their age level and not “move up” unless it corresponds with their grade or ability level.
3. Coaches will receive training, which will enhance their teaching ability.
Standard #2: Parents must select youth sports programs that are developed and organized to enhance the emotional, physical, social, and educational well being of children.
 Raising Champions Elite Implementation of Standard #2:
1. Raising Champions Elite will offer teams at various levels from developmental to elite. Every team will receive the same uniform and be treated equally by the administration regardless of their ability level.
Standard #3: Parents must recognize that youth sports are only a small part of a child’s life.
Raising Champions Elite Implementation of Standard # 3:
1. Coaches will excuse players from attending practices and games if it conflicts with a school requirement.
2. Younger Raising Champions Elite players (ages13-16) will be permitted to play other sports during the AAU season. Reasonable accommodations will be made to allow the child to play multiple sports as long as the Raising Champions Elite teams also receive their ” fair share”of the athlete’s commitment.
Standard #4: Raising Champions Elite will provide experienced and trained coaches.
Raising Champions Elite Implementation of Standard # 4:
1. Coaches will receive basketball skills training from top high school and college coaches on an annual basis.
2. Administrators will receive ongoing training from various credible authorities.
Standard #5: Parents must make a serious effort to take an active role in the youth sports experience of their child providing positive support as a spectator, coach, league administrator and/or caring parent.
Raising Champions Elite Implementation of Standard #5:
1. Parents with children on teams ages 13-16 will be required to attend a program organization meeting
2. All teams will have a parents/coaches meeting.
3. Raising Champions Elite will encourage parent participation as coaches, team administration, fundraisers, special assistant and fans.
Standard #6: Parents must be a positive role model exhibiting sportsmanlike behavior at all games and  practices while giving positive reinforcement to their child and support to their child’s coaches.
Raising Champions Elite Implementation of Standard #6:
1. Parents are not permitted at any time to cheer against an opponent. Rather, they must cheer for Raising Champions Elite at all times.
2. Parents are never to be at a game in an intoxicated state.
3. Parents are never to use vulgar language.
4. Any behavior by a parent that proves embarrassing to the athlete, coach, any administrator, or the organization could result in the parent being excluded from the organization.
Standard #7: Raising Champions Elite administrators and coaches will insist on a setting that is safe for all players.
Raising Champions Elite Implementation of Standard #7:
1. Coaches will refuse to play any game or practice if the conditions are in any way hazardous. Coaches will inspect playing areas prior to all games and practices.
2. Club administrators will purchase only safe equipment.
3. Coaches will have a release from parents that will allow him/her to obtain emergency hospital treatment in the event of an injury that requires emergency room attention.
4. Coaches will never allow a child to play while either injured or ill. A coach will be removed if it is found that he or she allowed a child to play while having a serious injury.
5. If a child sustains a concussion, that child will not be permitted to return to play without a doctor’s permission.
5. Coaches will be strongly encouraged to be certified in CPR and Basic First Aid. Raising Champions Elite will provide such training when possible.
Standard #8: Parents, coaches, and organization administrators must provide equal sports play opportunity for all youth regardless of race, creed, sex, economic status, or ability.
Raising Champions Elite Implementation of Standard #8:
1. Raising Champions Elite ensures that all players will have an equal opportunity to participate regardless of race, creed, sex, economic status, or ability.
2. Raising Champions Elite will provide a Developmental Program for those athletes who do not currently have the ability to be chosen for a travel team.
3. If a child is unable to pay the registration fee due to serious proven financial need, an application can be made by the coach and parent to the Executive Director to waive the fee or provide an alternative payment plan


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