Adrien Nunez Stock Rises in July

Adrien Nunez (above) picked up his first five offers, including two A-10 programs, in a three-day span. (Photo: Josh Verlin/CoBL)

New York guard Nunez’s recruiting dam bursts

Coming into July, no college coaches were recruiting Adrien Nunez. Nobody was telling him they were going to come to his games, despite the fact that the Bishop Loughlin (N.Y.) grad had decided to do a post-grad year at St. Thomas More (Conn.).

Very quickly, he’s become one of the most popular names in the Northeast.

“It’s ridiculous,” he said. “It’s like a total change in my life. It’s crazy.”

Following a strong performance at the Hoop Group Elite Camp this week, Nunez picked up his first offer, from Bowling Green. Soon followed one from Wagner. Then Fordham, Robert Morris, and La Salle, all joining in the fray over a three-day span.

“Tt’s the best July I’ve ever had,” he said. “My phone’s blowing up.

“I wake up sometimes and I forget and it’s like oh (damn),” he added. “It’s a blessing.”

On Saturday afternoon in an opening-round win over Team Final Red, Nunez showed just why he’s caught the attention of coaches and media alike over the last 10 days. A 6-6 guard with range, Nunez has the requisite length and athleticism to be a non-doubt Division I athlete — and then he starts dropping 3-pointers like they’re nothing, hitting three while scoring 14 points in a 24-point win.

He also created off the bounce, finding his teammates while driving the lane and finishing a few flushes. Big guards who can dribble, pass and shoot with consistency are a popular commodity, indeed.

“At Loughlin I was always shooting, I wasn’t getting the ball much but i was always a shooter,” he said. “Now I’m showing my ball-handling, my ability to bring the ball up the court and dunk a little bit, so yeah. That’s pretty much what (changed).”

It’s a quick switch in mentality indeed for Nunez: from wondering if he was good enough to wondering just how good he could be.

He said he plans on visiting all the schools he’s offered him so far in the fall. But with how things have changed from last week to this one, it’s possible that by the end of July his list will include quite a few more options.

“The fact that I’ve grown so much in such a short period of time, who knows how big I could go,” he said, “so I’m just going to keep working as hard as I can and see what I get.”


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