Adrien Nunez is a Big Time Shooter and Sleeper in the class of 2017

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A sharpshooting extraordinaire, 6’5″ Adrien Nunez (Bishop Loughlin ’17) may not get the same kind of love or attention that some of his teammates do but he is most definitely someone who can change a game with his perimeter prowess.

While known as a great shooter, Nunez has also proven to be someone who can be a solid rebounder, while also be able to the handle the ball a bit some as well, which is why Lions head coach Ed Gonzalez finds it so hard to believe that college coaches aren’t knocking down his door to recruit his talented senior wing.

A veteran on the varsity level, Nunez is someone who Gonzalez has strong feelings about. He knows the talent that he has and believes that we have yet to see just how good Nunez can become.

“He is so versatile and he really has come into his own yet,” Gonzalez said about Nunez. “I think the best is yet to come for Adrien and we definitely believe in him. He shoots the ball extremely well and adds a lot of firepower to our team.”

Being able to confidently play either the 3 or 4 spots on the floor, Nunez says that he feels he is a versatile player who can play all over the floor when asked to.

He knows that it’s his shooting touch that draws the most attention from defenses, but he feels he can make plays off the dribble, while also scoring inside on putback attempts off the offensive glass.

That is why it’s so frustrating for Nunez that he is currently in the position that he is in. He feels he has been overlooked by everyone outside of Bishop Loughlin for 2 years now and he just wants 1 chance so that he can take advantage of it.

“Being overlooked gets really annoying but I just go out and play as hard as I can every day,” Nunez said. “This is my last year and I just want to prove that I belong and that I deserve a scholarship.”

He wants a scholarship because so far none have been extended to him which is something that Gonzalez just doesn’t understand. He sees Nunez as a definite Division 1 player with his skill set from the outside and he feels a lot of schools near and far are truly missing the boat.

LIU Post and Merrimack and a couple Division 2 schools that have showed interest, but it’s shocking to Gonzalez that no D1’s have gotten involved for the player that he feels has the prettiest jump shot in America.

Gonzalez says he hopes that will soon change as he continues to prove his worth as he isn’t only a great basketball player in his coach’s eyes, but a great person as well and someone who any school would be extremely lucky to have.

“Not only is Adrien a good player but he is a 95 student too so you will not only get someone who can really play the game, but you will get an extraordinary student with great character as well.”


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