Born Ready Elite 15U Emergence

Northeast Live Invitational 9th Grade Player Reviews

April 27, 2015

SBA (Sullivan Basketball Academy)

1. #10 Byron Breland PG-6’3 – Byron is a PG who wants to stay as PG for his entire career. A three sport athlete who was a rotation player on HIllhouse Varsity this past season. Expects to start next year and develop his game in a new role. He sees the court well and is patient in tripple threat on the perimeter. He looks for teamamates first but is a good mid range scorer, which he uses to keep the defense honest while he scans the court. Wants to improve his ball handling security so that he can get better at setting up the offense in the half court under pressure. He also needs to improve on staying low because he is a very tall point guard who is still growing. Defensively he uses his length well to bother smaller guards on the outside. Breland is a Division 1 prospect who has already received interest from Fordham. He is a good student with a B average.

2. #1 Davon Warner SG – 5’9 – Davon is a SG who wants to remain on the wing throughout his career. Last year he was a rotation player for Hillhouse JV and believes he can serve the same role on varsity next year. He is a scorer with a scorer’s mentality and a good feel for the game. He likes to use his drrible to make scoring plays at the rim or in the mid range. He wants to improve on guarding the ball on defense so he can be used to guard either guard position and become a solid two way player. He is a good college prospect and could be an excellent D3 player. He has good grades with a B average.

BABC FR 2018

3. #1 Maurice Works PG-5’10 – PG who will be a floor general for his entire career. This past season he started at East Boston and next year he is attending Lawrence Academy and expects to be a key contributor for them. He is a great athlete who is always in attack mode, “I like to cause Havoc.”-Maurice Works. He does everything hard; plays defense hard, drives hard, cuts hard, runs the floor hard. he controlls the game by setting the pace on both ends. He has great vision and is looking to pass as a first option often. He wants to become as complete of a player as possible through his tireless effort on working on every aspect of the game. Specifically, shooting off the dribble to counter his relentless attacking style. He also wants continue to get better at controlling the pace and managing/leading teammates as he understands that is a priority for the PG position. He guards the ball full court and half court tight with pressure extremely well. He is a Division 1 prospect and will be a great scholarship player since he loves the game and has a great work ethic. He is an honor roll student who clearly values his education and has goals for his future beyond basketball.

4. #3 Shandon Brown PG-5’7 – PG who will be a 1 his whole life. Starting PG for Beaver Country Day School in the NEPSAC class B. He is a coaches dream as he already shows maturity in his intagibles. He is competitive, smart, vocal, confident, humble and a natural leader. He’s a good athlete and he’s extremely aggressive on both ends. Talks on every possesion and in every timeout and is a true extension of the coach. A pure PG who gets his teammates involved in the right spots and controls pace. He wants to get stronger and improve his defensive awareness off the ball, his offensive awareness is already fantastic. He guards the perimeter well and can matchup with taller guards because he’s athletic, tough and aggressive. Division 1 prospect who has received interest from UVA, Rovert Morris, and Drexel. He is an Honor Roll student.

5. #21 Paul Durkee SG- 6’2 – SG who should stay on the wing at the next level and will probably get bigger. Last year he averaged 15ppg as a starter at Shrewsbury. Should be even more of a scorer for the varsity team next year as a sophomore. He is a fundamentally sound player with a good feel for the game. He can shoot off the dribble and off the catch with good form. Most effective in the half court right now but wants to improve his athleticism to become more of a threat in transition. He wants improve his lateral quickness to become a better perimeter defender, and develop more confidence in his ball handling which will come with enough repition. Defensively he feels comfortable guarding wings. He wants to be a division 1 player at a good academic school. He is currently a straight A student. He’s received interest from St. Bonneventure.

6. #40 Cole Swider – PF-6’4 – PF who will transition to have the ability to play either forward position if he conitnues to grow, otherwise he will become a SF. Dominated at Portsmouth last year and will be going to St. Andrew’s next year. He hopes to contribute in the rotation right away. Shoots well from 3 point range and can shoot off the dribble going to either hand. He can also play with his back to the basket. He’s dangerous n the full court with size, the ability to run the floor, and a threat to shoot at anytime. Needs to improve his defensive foot speed to transition into being able to guard wings at the next level. He feels he can get better at seeing the floor while finding the open man and his shot selection. Defensively he currently feels comfortable guarding bigger players. Wants to play at a division 1 school but playing time is a priority for him. He is an excellent student with a 3.7 GPA. Has already received some interest from Stanford, Davidson, BC, URI.

Born Ready Elite

7. #11 Christian Raebuck – CG-5’8 – CG who plays the wing in the half court but handles the ball in transition often. He’s still looking for the right fit for a school and basketball program. He has a good mid range pull up, which is a go to shot for him. He wants to improve the range on his outside shot and his decision making. He also wants to develop on defense by staying in front of quick guards.

8. Qwame Thompson – PG who plays more like a combo guard. He was a starter for All Hallows last year. He is a good passer and looks to set up his teammates. Very good in transition. Wants to get stronger and develop a mid range pull up jump shot. He is a good Division 3 prospect.

9. #2 Mahamadou Nimaga PG-5’8 – PG who will transition into a combo guard since he is primarily a scorer. He is an 8th grader looking for a high school, considering Fredrick Douglas and Wings Academy. He is great at getting into the paint and excels in transition. He feels that he needs to get stronger and develop a consistent mid range jump shot. He is a solid scholarship prospect.

City Rocks Black 

10. #1 Isaiah Moll – SG-6’4 – SG with a combo guard’s skill set. His biggest asset is his versatility offensively as he can play all PG and either wing. He excels the most as a half court wing scorer by using his length. He needs to gain upper body strenght so he can take more contact when going to the rim. He wants to become more physical on both ends. He Has a ton of physical potential. A division 1 prospect, already received interest from davidson.

11. #4 Tyrese Williams – CG-6’2 – G who can play either backcourt position. Averaged about 19ppg 7apg and 6rpg in the CHSA for Cardinal Hayes last season. Does a little bit of everything and has a great in-between game. Wants to improve at attacking the basket and finishing over bigs. Feels most comfortable in the half court and has a lot of potential to develop his game in many different ways. He is definately a scholarship player and a division 1 prospect. He has received interest from Iona.

12. #32 Sloan Seymour – PF-6’7 – PF who can strecth the floor and prefers to play facing the basket. He was a key contributor this season for Christian Brothers Academy as a freshman. He has a high basketball IQ with a fundamental skill set. Likes to use off ball movement (cutting and off ball screens) to get to his scoring spots. hes a good shooter and has solid post moves which he uses to score with a soft touch. He’s a player who will definately improve because he already shows a great feel for the game and has a skill set that fits at the higher levels. He needs to get stronger and get better and finishing through contact. Also can improve on rebounding in traffic, going after the ball with two hands. He’s a mid major and potentially high major division 1 prospect and is a great student, 90 GPA. He has received interest from Notre Dame, Davidson, Stanford, and Brown.

13. #2 Greg Dolan – PG-6’1 – PG who is a pure point guard and can fit in any system. Started for Williamsville South this season. Uses his good handle to drive and always has his head up looking to dump or kick. Great dribble drive player and capable of knocking down threes off the catch. Needs to improve on shooting off the dribble to become a more dynamic player. In the half court he runs the offense and plays within the team. He is a division 1 prospect and has already received an offer from Canescious.

Expressions Elite

14. #15 Tommy O’Neil – PF-6’8 – PF who may transition to a 3 in college. He was in the rotation for St. Johns Prep this season. Plays facing the basket and excels at the high post/free throw line. He’s a great player against zone offense because he can make plays from so many different spots. Long, athletic, and most importantly a lefty, which is always an asset. Wants to improve his 3 point shot and needs to improve his motor to become more active in the paint and on the boards. He may get to 6’9, 6’10 and he needs to learn how to dominate with his size when he has that advantage.Defensvely he feels most comfortable guarding bigs. He’s potentially a high major college player at a great acadmic school. He is a very good student, with all A’s and B’s. He’s received interest from Stanford, Virgina, Notre Dame.

15. #32 William Antrum – SG-6’0 – SG who can play the wing or possibly transition to point in college. He was on varsity at Wilber Cross HS but was not really in the rotation. Has a good chance to start next year. A faciliator from the wing, likes to look for moving teammates.and also has the ability to score. Wants to get more athletic and become a better ball handler in the full court. Defensively he feels most comfortable guarding wings. Wants to get the best education possible through basketball, he’s a B student. A scholarship college prospect.

16. #6 Preston Santos – SG-6’5 – SG who will probably be a SF in college because he is definately still growing. Very good at using his length to get by defenders. Doesn’t need a lot of dribbles to score. Needs to improve at getting lower defensively, he can struggle against smaller quicker offensive players. He wants to improve on rebounding since his length gives him a lot of potential in that area. Defensively he feels most comforatble guarding wings. He’s a mid major to high major prospect and has received interest from UVA and Stanford. A’s and B’s acadmically.

17. #4 Tyler Aronson – PG-6’1 – PG who will be a PG throughout his career. Starting PG at Rivers School last year. Great athlete and is a shot maker from anywhere and at any time in the offense. Needs to improve his handle to get by defenders and not rely soley on his athleticism. Wants to continue to learn how to run a system and lead his teammates. He has potential to build a lot of strength with the proper work ethic and is already a physical player.

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