Isiah Deas Steps Up in a Big Way (contents by NYCHOOPS.Net)

1655440Extra Jefferson Weapon Downs Lincoln Ravi Rozier Staff Writer

FLUSHING, NY -Jefferson guard Shamorie Ponds is a dynamic scorer and one of the best guards in the city. He can fill it up when he gets going. His backcourt partner, senior guard Jaquan McKennon, has hit big shots all season long. The Orange Wave’s starting backcourt has been very good this season, but if they want to win the whole thing, they are going to need more players than just their backcourt to step up and deliver. One of the players that needed to step up and help get Jefferson closer to the goal of winning the city championship is junior Isiah Deas. By all accounts he is a nice kid. Deas scored a game high 24 points and was a force to be dealt with all game, especially in the second half when Jefferson overcame a 14 point to come back and knock off Lincoln 76-73.

This was the third matchup of the year, and after splitting the first two Jefferson broke the tie. This victory holds a little more significance because it was for the Brooklyn Borough championship. Lincoln led for most of the game because they simply couldn’t miss. It seemed like everything they threw up at the basket went in, at least during the first three quarters. But they finally came back to earth in the fourth quarter because of relentless pressure from Jefferson. The Orange Wave were down but not out. Behind Deas, McKennon, and Ponds (17 points), they kept scoring until Lincoln cooled off. And like a steady race car, they were able to cross the finish line first. Deas was terrific in this game, scoring 18 of his 24 points in the second half. He was aggressive when he got the ball, confident in what he was doing and he just executed. The junior impressed his own teammates and his head coach with the way he played.Deas wasn’t happy with the way he played in a recent game and he had a long conversation with head coach Bud Pollard. Basically, the bottom line was his coach told him to be aggressive. Bud Pollard knows that the Deas has the ability to deliver the goods, if he was more aggressive.”He doesn’t know how good he is, and he’s one of the better players in the city. But he’s just too cool and laid back. He’s just a nice kid” Pollard said following the game. “I told him this is Brooklyn double A. Nice guys finish last”McKennon, who scored 17 points, co-signed on that sentiment. “Isiah played great. We’ve been telling him to play like that all year” McKennon said. “Stop being a nice guy and keep playing hard and be aggressive.

He finally stepped up”Deas admitted that Jefferson had looked past their previous opponent Bedford Academy. Sometimes that happens when the game after is possibly against the team that just beat you. Deas said that the game against Lincoln was for bragging rights, playing against friends that he grew up with from 11 years old. “Coming into this game we knew this was almost for all the marbles, this was part 3 to the story, so we had to come out aggressive and take this win” Deas also may have had the line of the night when referring to McKennon, who is a senior and one of the leaders on the team.

“Jaquan, he’s the driver to this championship bus. When he’s going, everybody just follows his lead. We call him Moses here, he parts the sea and we just follow him on down.

“Lincoln was led by sophomore guard Donald Cannon Flores who scored 19 points. Senior Ezekiel Charles had 15, while freshman Selassie “Tyler” Bourne chipped in with 13.


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