Mike Buffalo Playing Professionally for the Mansfield Giants England (UK)


Giants men won their first league game of the season against Hull Wasps despite leading point guard Calvin Morant Hudson not playing due to illness.  However Giants new American import Mike Buffalo made his debut scoring 20 points and grabbing ten rebounds.

Both Giants and Wasps struggled for scoring momentum in the first half, as Giants struggled to score due to the absence of missing leading scorer Morant-Hudson, however inside player Barry Plummer dominated both scoring and rebounding for Giants in the first half as Giants led at the half way mark in a low scoring game 28-27.  Both teams traded end to end baskets in the third quarter, with still a matter of points separating the two teams and it wasn’t until the fourth quarter that Giants stepped up the defensive tempo to gain quick steals and turning the steals into points, As Plummer continued to play well both ends of the court.  Giants  guards Parish Xavier, Olly Cherney, lance Cresswell began to control the ball well, finding Mike Buffalo and Plummer to score points inside and stepping up defensively as Wasps ran out of steam with Giants winning the game 73-64.
Scorers: B. Plummer 22, M. Buffalo 20, P. Xavier 12



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