On The Job Training

345Harley Borish had his choice of attending and playing college basketball at Amherst, Brown, Occidental, Tufts and Rhode Island College.  However, he decided to challenge his self  by trying out as a walk on at the University of Michigan. But, after talking with Assistant Coach Jeff Meyer the decision was made that it might be better if Harley, serve as a manager working with the coaching staff as well as the players.

“It has been a magnificent experience I’m learning a whole lot about what it takes to perform at an elite level in college. There are so many things that’s the team works, that coaching staff work on and definitely feel like I have a leg up as far as making the team next year” said Borish.

At Press time Michigan was top 10 in AP Polls and are coming off of a huge overtime win against Ohio State in Big Ten play. “The most important thing is that he’s doing what he suppose to do, he where he’s suppose to be and most importantly the team loves him” said Meyer. Coach Beilein thinks that he has the making of a coach and yes he does have a leg up because being apart of Team Blue expose him to practice, film sessions, workouts and other activities that all of our players and coaches take part.



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