Raising Champions Win Tristate Memorial Weekend Tournament


We Are Champions!

Raising Champions finished in second place in pool play during the Tristate Memorial Weekend Tournament.

Ravi Rozier
Marquise Moore scored team high 26pts

Despite a disappointing loss in a game they should have won, they were able to rebound during the playoff round and finish the day by beating the NY Panthers in the chip and winning the whole thing.

Raising Champions (17U) won 66-58 in the championship game. The way they were able to get the victory was teamwork. It was a total team effort and everybody contributed to the win. In the scoring column, they were led by guard Marquise Moore who scored a team high 26 points. Mariega Clarke added 19 points for Raising Champions.

Raising Champions 60 Team Phenom 50

RC jumped out to a 22-2 lead and went on to win the game by double digits. Clarke scored 20 points in the win, while big man Jaleel Charles dominated inside with 15 points and 12 rebounds.

Raising Champions 65 Team Philly 45

Raising Champions had the mercy rule take effect when they went up by 20 points against Team Philly late in the game. When a team has a lead and it hits the magic number 20, then the game is automatically stopped. That’s exactly what happened and Raising Champions had a victory. Moore led the way by filling up the basket with 29 points.


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