Real Scout Trounces & Bounces Raising Champions, 80-60

M. Wingate
Tavon Sledge

 With NBA Pacers Star AJ Price sitting on the Bench Raising Champions looked as if it was going to be named to the short list of teams able to “upset” number-one seeds in the Classic. It kept up with Real Scout for two quarters before Real Scout took over the game.

Both squads were evenly matched in the game’s early goings, as evident by the one and two possession leads that were being constantly narrowed by the dynamic Raising Champions. Amdy Fall (14 points) and Osamuede ‘Ede’ Egharevba (14 points) kept things interesting in the first half, only trailing one of the league’s overall top seeds by only six points, 36-30, at halftime.

However, strung together by its dynamic point guard Tavon Sledge (13 points), Real Scout turned up the heat in the second half. Although it was without the aid of major contributor Maurice Harkless (seven points) – because of an apparent tweak to the ankle that kept him sidelined – Real Scout had other talented players. Tavon Allen (10 points) helped with defense and scoring, while Terry Brutus (13 points) used his intensity inside and out to keep the team percolating.

Real Scout used a strong third quarter surge to hold a 13-point advantage, 60-47, over the competition. As Real Scout continued to barrel forward with the skill-set of Max Hopper (14 points) and Jakarr Sampson (10 points), Raising Champions fizzled and faded into the backdrop.

Despite the loss, Raising Champions’ Cavon Baker added 10 points. After the game AJ addressed the group and gave the some very important advice.


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