Lance Stephenson Makes NBA Debut



Lance Stephenson made his NBA debut on Sunday logging four minutes and acquiring two points, a rebound, and two assists. It wasn’t a bad shift for Stephenson as he continues to get better. Lance in his first game also got the task with keeping up with Suns guard Steve Nash. First of many assignments against great players, welcome to the NBA Born Ready.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Lance Stephenson Sr. threw confetti into the air after his son made each of his two free throws.

“It felt good,” Stephenson, the former Brooklyn Lincoln star, told the newspaper. “I have to get in game shape. I was tired after the first two minutes in there. I’m in practice shape, not game shape.”

Pacers interim coach Frank Vogel told the paper he wants Stephenson to play in at least every other game so he can get some NBA experience.

“He put a toe in the water yesterday,” Stephenson’s agent, Alberto Ebanks, said by text. “The ice is broken and soon his presence will be felt and the Pacers will have another oar in the water.”

Stephenson’s NBA debut came four days after his assault case was dismissed and sealed. Stephenson was alleged to have assaulted the mother of his daughter last August.


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