Amdy Fall is Sparking Interest

As the word spreads, 6’7″ Wings Academy senior forward Amdy Fall is slowly but surely sparking increasing interest amongst college programs.

M. Wingate
Amby Fall

On Sunday, a few programs traveled to Ramapo College to see the shot blocker in person against Paramus Catholic in the NJ vs. NY Showdown. The defensive specialist did not disappoint.

According to Fall, both VCU and Hartford were in the building to size-up the Wings big-man. In addition, other reports confirmed that Marist head coach Chuck Martin was at the event, scouting the shot-blocker.

Potential suitors witnessed an absurd 8 blocks to go along with 8 points as Fall relentlessly protected the paint. The defensive-specialist was all over the court and when he didn’t get a clean block on a shot his mere presence was enough to alter the PC attack, nullifying any chance the Paladins had to score inside.

Fall is uniquely long, sporting a massive wingspan and freakish jumping ability. These qualities, combined with great timing and a high defensive IQ, make the forward the perfect fit for any program that hopes to build on defense and rebounding.

As far as as his skill set is concerned, Fall believes he can do great things offensively, as well. “I think I can do both, block-shots and score. Tonight, they were doubling me so I had to kick the ball out.”

The senior’s passing was sharp and it was clear that his main focus was on the other end of the court, doing the dirty work to ensure the easy victory for his team. He did not need to score the most points be the best player on the floor, a rare ability for someone his age that speaks volumes about his game.

Humble when discussing his future in basketball, Fall stated, “I just want to go somewhere that I can play and get a good education.” Undeniably, the forward has the potential to make an immediate impact wherever he ends up. Old-school, defensive-specialists like Fall do not come around often. Particularly those that to take getting scored on personally and can practically jump of the gym. Fall maintains these qualities and many more.


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