Amdy Fall is a Walking Triple Double

“Amdy [Fall] is one of the best defensive big men in the city,” Wings coach Billy Turnage said. “This team is a little bit different. We score more off our defense.”

Fall tallied 11 points, 10 rebounds and 10 blocked shots.

With three minutes left in the first half, The Bronx school trailed 26-18, as the Warriors took advantage of their fast-break opportunities. From that point on, Wings took less long jumpers, which were leading to long rebounds and break-outs, and Curtis’ offense dried up. In the half-court, it struggled penetrating past the Wings guards on the perimeter and when it did, Fall was there for the 10 rejections.

An unsigned senior, Fall has been the linchpin to the stifling defense. He’s had six triple doubles in his last eight games in points, rebounds and blocked shots, Turnage said, which enables his guards to put extra pressure on the ball because there isn’t the fear of getting beaten off the dribble.

“He blocks shots, he grabs rebounds and he grabs rebounds of his own blocked shots,” Houston said. “Amdy is a terrific big man.”

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