Amdy Fall: No Shots Allowed

For those college basketball programs that are looking for a defensive presence, they should be looking in the Bronx, NY.


M. Wingate
Amby Fall

Specifically inside the gymnasium of Wings Academy where 6’7″ forward, Amdy Fall dwells. The senior has a knack for rejecting basketballs and securing rebounds and will be a critical piece in Wings’ success in the PSAL this season.

Flying way under that radar, Wings Academy head coach, Billy Turnage, says he’s perplexed as to why Falls has not received any offers as of yet. “I have no idea what it is,” said Turnage. “If I knew what I needed to do, I’d do it. He has an 88 average and gets a double-double every night.” Turnage also says that Fall’s inside offensive game is also starting to make waves. got a chance to check out Fall’s play during the Beacon Back-to-School Classic, where just as Turnage stated, Fall produced a double-double in blocks and rebounds. His aggressive play on both ends of the court helped get the Wings Basketball Club into the championship round.

According to Turnage, Fall has been with the Wings progrqam for two years, originally transferring from Washington Irving HS. Playing his underclassmen years at an obsure school may have attributed to his current ‘top secret’ status. In addition, it’s historically more difficult for defensive specialists to get into the recruiting spotlight because a lot of their intangibles doesn’t make onto the stat sheet. But when we saw Fall, during one sequence, block three shots in succession, run the floor and finish off with an emphatic dunk on the other end, it was clear that Amby Fall had arrived.

In this his senior year, Fall will look to make his mark on as many college coaches as possible with his performances and hopefully an indelible mark on at least one.


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